Hi all i’m Tom, a twenty-three-year-old from Zagreb, Croatia. Began playing TESL back in 2016 but unfortunately some streamer manipulatively forced me into crafting a Wrothgar Forge deck so I haven’t had much success on ladder, which back then, was dominated by token Spellswords. I didn’t fully switch from Hearthstone to TESL immediately, but with Slw designing a Merric deck (which I enjoyed and played exclusively), I was always compelled to return to the game. I’ve since kept an eye on TESL’s Twitch scene, as it had some amazing lively personalities such as Boomslife, Schwiddy, Bradlordlee, Romanesque and TurquoiseLink. I’ve been playing TESL more actively since September 2017, and am planning to continue until death itself rips Drain Vitality out of my lifeless (but no more than rebroadcasts) stone cold hands.

The Elder Scrolls Legends

TESL Champion Series top 32 09/17

TCS top 32 11/17

4x WarpMeta Winner

TESL Champion Series Winter Qualifier tournament + Final tournament

1x GP4TESL 1st place

3x GO4TESL 2nd place

1x GO4TESL 3rd place

ESL Memorial Tournament 2nd place

TCS Elite Circuit Qualifier #2 1st place

TCS elite circuit championship #1 2nd place

#1 Legend 10/17 and 11/17