By accessing this page, you’ve fallen into my trap. If you are some type of small feline, curiosity has now killed you, satisfaction might bring you back soon enough.

I am Tenchuu, typing from Argentina. Tenchuu is a Japanese word that means “divine retribution” or “heavenly punishment”. My 15 year old self thought was the coolest thing ever. I’ve been playing CCGs and competitive games since my very early teens, and haven’t really stopped. My main love has been Legend of the 5 Rings, where the mechanics and lore blended so harmoniously that the game served not only as a channel for the fires of creativity and competition, but also as rich reservoir of metaphors to deepen my understanding of the universe.

Mythgard’s lore and mechanics intrigued me. The mix between science fiction and twisted mythologies scratched an itch I didn’t know I had, and the mana and lane systems are designs I respect as a gamer and scholar.
I believe words are magic and I’ve been brought on to TRS for Applied Wizardry. You can find me writing about flashy multilayered decks that may or may not work, and refining the best of them to hopefully lethal levels of polish.