Hey there lads and lasses, my name is Jackson Casanova (Yes that’s real) otherwise known as TheTuneStarMaster or simply Tune Star. I’m a streamer from the land down under and member of the TRS Mythgard team.

My time with card games starts, as did so many others, with Yu-Gi-Oh!, which I have played for over 15 years now and judged for 6. I’ve dabbled in Magic: the Gathering, Vanguard, Force of Will, Pokemon and just about every other TCG out there. Sadly, my judging does prevent me from taking part as a player in as many events as I would like, but I have managed to sneak in a few Yu-Gi-Oh! top 16 appearances in my time.

I played Hearthstone for a while after my housemate in University first showed it to me, I played it and Duelyst off and on for a few years. That lasted until I was introduced to Eternal which I played since open beta but never found the time to take as seriously as I did paper games. Finally shown Mythgard by my good friend Noah. Mythgard now dominating most if not all of my card gaming time. I look forward to bringing top-level content from Mythgard to Team Rankstar.