What’s up people, the names Woody, well technically it’s Lewis Woodhouse but Woody’s fine. You may have seen some of my content over on Twitch or YouTube where I go by the rather imaginative name WhatsUpWoody.

I’ve always loved diving into TCG’s and CCG’s but that passion exploded when I found Dragonball Super Card Game several years back. I competed in several competitions in the game and earned a few top spots. I originally found Gwent through The Witcher 3 (almost like everyone else) and although I dabbled in the odd game here and there I never truly committed to sinking my time into Gwent.

That changed in 2018 with he launch of Homecoming, which seemed like the perfect time to invest in the game. Since then I have reached pro ladder and competed in several tournament. My aim to to become the ultimate champion of Gwent and one day rule the world! Only messing, I love the game and I love being competitive in Gwent – I’ll aim to push for some high tournament finished but the most important thing is to have fun!