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Legends Cast is a podcast about the meta, cards, and community of Elder Scrolls Legends. Check out the podcast for the latest news that is impacting the game and the community that surrounds it.

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About the Host: Mark is a pastor and gamer from Western PA who got into podcasting through Hearthstone. After getting involved with The Elder Scrolls Legends he decided to jump into the community and start a weekly show covering the game. He works as a Discipleship Pastor, has a beautiful wife, the most adorable daughter, and a second daughter on the way. He has a heart to support the community through listening and prayer. If you are in a dark time and need someone to listen to and support you please reach out him. You are never alone. If you want to connect with him shoot him an email at [email protected] or send him a friend request on TESL at The113Lift.

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