Hi, I’m potpie. I started playing card games back many years ago when I played Yu-Gi-Oh, however I was not competitive by any means. After I stopped playing Yu-Gi-Oh I took something of a hiatus from card games playing other games until the Hand of the Gods closed beta several years ago. I joined and played casually for a bit until I noticed that I was winning a lot more games than I was losing. Somewhat spontaneously I decided to check if there were any tournaments and fortunately for me, the first official tournament (the prize was merely card packs back then) was happening that week. That tournament I won my first set then got eliminated in the second. That victory however was very motivating and I decided to continue participating in the tournaments which became a weekly staple for me for the following months.

Eventually as the tournament scene grew, prizes grew, and my skill along with them. I became one of the players to beat, even as metas shifted, I continued to adapt and learn. Eventually it all paid off when I won the DreamHack Valencia qualifiers and continued to win my first LAN. From there my Hand of the Gods career continued to be very successful winning another LAN in Russia and second place at the world championships in addition to a variety of online tournaments. When Hand of the Gods faded into obscurity I searched for other card games to play and eventually settled on Artifact as the number one most promising and entertaining game to play. In the mean time I dabble in The Elder Scrolls Legends to shift my mindset away from the movement focused gameplay of Hand of the Gods to the multiple lane and static gameplay of Artifact.

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