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  1. Zelots01 says:

    This man knows da wae.

  2. Aaron Zelder says:

    Nice article!

  3. Varler says:

    Welcome to the team! 🙂

  4. Varler says:

    Good post! We need more of this positivity in the community.

    I add my opponent a lot of the time after exciting or interesting games to talk about the game or their decks. Conversely, I’ll accept any adds that someone shoots my way. Of course, this ends up with salty losers calling me or my mother names or even salty winners who are mad for who knows why, but I try not to let that ruin my multiplayer experience.

    I’ll even be extra nice to the ragers, sometimes to an absurd degree. Partly because it’s better to “kill them with kindness,” and partly because it can be funny to see someone get even more mad about you being nice to them than if you were also yelling back. Haha.

    • teamrankstar says:

      Thanks for checking the article out! I agree, more positivity we have, the more the community will grow as a whole!

      I, too, have had a “salty winner” add me after the game. I felt confident accepting their request because they won, then they laid into me for losing with my “scrub deck”. Was genuinely blown away, but I just gave them props for doing their thing, and moved on.

      Glad to hear there are others out there practicing the “hug it out” approach to salt. I really think it works pretty often!

  5. Aaron Zelder says:

    Three Thumbs Up!

  6. Why no Haunting Scream and Dark Return in the current Feln Tempo?

    • teamrankstar says:

      This list is more focused on the “midrange value” plan than recurring threats. The deck is able to maintain pretty decently velocity being as threat dense as it is, but wouldn’t gain much from Screaming back it’s lower costed units. If we added Gorgon or Beastcaller, we would likely run them, however it would be a different deck then!

  7. Austin B says:

    Nice spotlight on crown, such a fun archetype for eternal. I would have liked more focus on darkroaches, because the deck feels much better than U/W. Dark Return is huge, Nesting Avisaur is poor, and Black sky and Ayan are huge on stabilizing. I also see many lists running 4x second sight, but feel like it’s much worse as a 4x than Twinning Ritual especially in the U/W lists that don’t have as many crests to prevent bricks.

  8. Dan Gent says:

    I try to level out my tilt on bad games by remembering the great top decks I windmill slam. Variance works both ways so don’t let the bad ones get you down.

  9. The Alarmadillo Xenan link goes to the JPS Nostrix list. 😦

  10. Lateralus19 says:

    What does a weatherman know about CCGs?

  11. DB says:

    The JPS Unitless Control may come from TinMan’s Toadal Justice list: https://eternalwarcry.com/decks/details/df96upOHaDY/toadal-justice-with-dead-reckoning

  12. Tyler says:

    Is there a reason (other than “new cards + slightly less awesome matchups against the ‘pure’ control decks”) that chalice has been pretty dead lately? I’ve been having good results in ranked with it since people moved to the midrange decks.

  13. Cool idea – thanks for the content!

    Interesting to see the differences between masters and below…

  14. Extremely helpful in getting me to bridge from Magic and focus on playing “good cards,” not “cool cards.” Made the money I spent on Legends far more satisfying and worthwhile after all. Thank you very much!

  15. BumbbleBored says:

    Could you, please, add Top 10 crafts for Legendary like you have for Epics…

  16. justinlarson says:

    this guy seems cool and handsome and funny and i’d like more content from him in the future, thanks in advance

  17. Notgoosefromtopgun says:

    It would be cool if there was somewhere to go to see more content from this Jason Larkin guy.

  18. Tribblemaster says:

    Fantastic writeup, I’d love to see more articles like this in the future.

  19. NickelQueen says:

    Will be testing this deck out. I think this suits my playstyle and I have watched you and Goblin play variants of it. It looks really fun and efficient for our current meta. Thanks for this article, Endo! <3

  20. Dredd77 says:

    Looks intriguing! So is this your build or Blackhaven’s?

    • ThePlatypusKing says:

      This is absolutely Blackhaven’s creation. Looks like he had some help from NotoriousGHP as well. It’s definitely a fun deck!

  21. Apache11109 says:

    Great Article, Danny Boy! Very interesting approach, showing us that Rakano it’s not just an aggro tribe.

  22. Can we please stop using “cancer” as an adjective? It is totally unimaginative, unnecessary and disgusting to anyone who has lost beloved ones to actual cancer.

  23. Philip W McArthur says:

    This is all good advice for anyone’s specific budget and I do feel like buying the stories and puzzles are the funnest way to jump start a person’s collection. But I didn’t read any mention about Arena tickets. I think these are good value once as well since you’ll end up with ~ 70 gold, almost 200 gemstones, and two packs. Even if you don’t need a single card from either of the packs after soul trapping them for gems, you’re well on your way to crafting that specific legendary card a player would need/want.

  24. waitthisisntmtg says:

    Hey Philip!

    I agree, tickets are great value, especially if you like arena or have a lot of time to grind them. But usually, when people are spending money in TESL, it is to speed up the grind rate. In which case, you often wouldn’t want to put it into tickets as it will then require playing out those arenas. Especially with twitch drops, tickets are very common to pull, so there will already be lots of time invested in arenas for most.

  25. MrMetronome says:

    Dyou think there’s room for Acquisitive Crow in this deck? I really love the card, and it is great with Rapid Shot.

  26. Gabriel says:

    Looking forward to this series

  27. Jack says:

    This looks really useful for new players, good job! Just one minor note; forge is 2,500 rather than 2,000 as it says in the article 🙂

  28. Austin Schock says:

    What would a snap shot of the meta be? I’m looking for what the lists are tiered at

  29. Richard foxx says:

    Thanks u so much mate. Apreciate your effort and your team for help our community. This is a great game but to be honest we seriously lack of guides and good netdeck. Hope you guys could create more contents to help starter like me.
    Have a good day!

  30. BotolCebok says:

    Love your guides, a shame numbers 1, 2 and 5 got nerfed today. What would your top 10 look like now?

  31. Joshua Claytor says:

    Oh this is super cool though, grats to blastodermman!

  32. LimiteMunicipau says:

    In Token Crusader you have the Ambitious Hireling and the Khuul Lawkeeper to synergize with the buffs, whereas in Token Monk you added Septims for the Goblin to pilfer.

    But about the moonmoths, why did you choose them ? And what cards from Willpower could I place in a Token Mage to benefit the best from the Intelligence cards ?

    Sorry for these questions, I’m learning about deck building and your guide help a lot! Thanks dude 🙂

  33. Thanks-a-mundo for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

  34. Traitor Joe says:

    hello my name is joe can you teach me to play hearthstone

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  36. rattledone says:

    i’m taking number 5

    the deck is mid bm

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