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  1. Zelots01 says:

    This man knows da wae.

  2. Aaron Zelder says:

    Nice article!

  3. Varler says:

    Welcome to the team! 🙂

  4. Varler says:

    Good post! We need more of this positivity in the community.

    I add my opponent a lot of the time after exciting or interesting games to talk about the game or their decks. Conversely, I’ll accept any adds that someone shoots my way. Of course, this ends up with salty losers calling me or my mother names or even salty winners who are mad for who knows why, but I try not to let that ruin my multiplayer experience.

    I’ll even be extra nice to the ragers, sometimes to an absurd degree. Partly because it’s better to “kill them with kindness,” and partly because it can be funny to see someone get even more mad about you being nice to them than if you were also yelling back. Haha.

    • teamrankstar says:

      Thanks for checking the article out! I agree, more positivity we have, the more the community will grow as a whole!

      I, too, have had a “salty winner” add me after the game. I felt confident accepting their request because they won, then they laid into me for losing with my “scrub deck”. Was genuinely blown away, but I just gave them props for doing their thing, and moved on.

      Glad to hear there are others out there practicing the “hug it out” approach to salt. I really think it works pretty often!

  5. Aaron Zelder says:

    Three Thumbs Up!

  6. Why no Haunting Scream and Dark Return in the current Feln Tempo?

    • teamrankstar says:

      This list is more focused on the “midrange value” plan than recurring threats. The deck is able to maintain pretty decently velocity being as threat dense as it is, but wouldn’t gain much from Screaming back it’s lower costed units. If we added Gorgon or Beastcaller, we would likely run them, however it would be a different deck then!

  7. Austin B says:

    Nice spotlight on crown, such a fun archetype for eternal. I would have liked more focus on darkroaches, because the deck feels much better than U/W. Dark Return is huge, Nesting Avisaur is poor, and Black sky and Ayan are huge on stabilizing. I also see many lists running 4x second sight, but feel like it’s much worse as a 4x than Twinning Ritual especially in the U/W lists that don’t have as many crests to prevent bricks.

  8. Dan Gent says:

    I try to level out my tilt on bad games by remembering the great top decks I windmill slam. Variance works both ways so don’t let the bad ones get you down.

  9. The Alarmadillo Xenan link goes to the JPS Nostrix list. 😦

  10. Lateralus19 says:

    What does a weatherman know about CCGs?

  11. DB says:

    The JPS Unitless Control may come from TinMan’s Toadal Justice list: https://eternalwarcry.com/decks/details/df96upOHaDY/toadal-justice-with-dead-reckoning

  12. Tyler says:

    Is there a reason (other than “new cards + slightly less awesome matchups against the ‘pure’ control decks”) that chalice has been pretty dead lately? I’ve been having good results in ranked with it since people moved to the midrange decks.

  13. Cool idea – thanks for the content!

    Interesting to see the differences between masters and below…

  14. Extremely helpful in getting me to bridge from Magic and focus on playing “good cards,” not “cool cards.” Made the money I spent on Legends far more satisfying and worthwhile after all. Thank you very much!

  15. BumbbleBored says:

    Could you, please, add Top 10 crafts for Legendary like you have for Epics…

  16. justinlarson says:

    this guy seems cool and handsome and funny and i’d like more content from him in the future, thanks in advance

  17. Notgoosefromtopgun says:

    It would be cool if there was somewhere to go to see more content from this Jason Larkin guy.

  18. Tribblemaster says:

    Fantastic writeup, I’d love to see more articles like this in the future.

  19. NickelQueen says:

    Will be testing this deck out. I think this suits my playstyle and I have watched you and Goblin play variants of it. It looks really fun and efficient for our current meta. Thanks for this article, Endo! <3

  20. Dredd77 says:

    Looks intriguing! So is this your build or Blackhaven’s?

    • ThePlatypusKing says:

      This is absolutely Blackhaven’s creation. Looks like he had some help from NotoriousGHP as well. It’s definitely a fun deck!

  21. Apache11109 says:

    Great Article, Danny Boy! Very interesting approach, showing us that Rakano it’s not just an aggro tribe.

  22. Can we please stop using “cancer” as an adjective? It is totally unimaginative, unnecessary and disgusting to anyone who has lost beloved ones to actual cancer.

  23. Philip W McArthur says:

    This is all good advice for anyone’s specific budget and I do feel like buying the stories and puzzles are the funnest way to jump start a person’s collection. But I didn’t read any mention about Arena tickets. I think these are good value once as well since you’ll end up with ~ 70 gold, almost 200 gemstones, and two packs. Even if you don’t need a single card from either of the packs after soul trapping them for gems, you’re well on your way to crafting that specific legendary card a player would need/want.

  24. waitthisisntmtg says:

    Hey Philip!

    I agree, tickets are great value, especially if you like arena or have a lot of time to grind them. But usually, when people are spending money in TESL, it is to speed up the grind rate. In which case, you often wouldn’t want to put it into tickets as it will then require playing out those arenas. Especially with twitch drops, tickets are very common to pull, so there will already be lots of time invested in arenas for most.

  25. MrMetronome says:

    Dyou think there’s room for Acquisitive Crow in this deck? I really love the card, and it is great with Rapid Shot.

  26. Gabriel says:

    Looking forward to this series

  27. Jack says:

    This looks really useful for new players, good job! Just one minor note; forge is 2,500 rather than 2,000 as it says in the article 🙂

  28. Austin Schock says:

    What would a snap shot of the meta be? I’m looking for what the lists are tiered at

  29. Richard foxx says:

    Thanks u so much mate. Apreciate your effort and your team for help our community. This is a great game but to be honest we seriously lack of guides and good netdeck. Hope you guys could create more contents to help starter like me.
    Have a good day!

  30. BotolCebok says:

    Love your guides, a shame numbers 1, 2 and 5 got nerfed today. What would your top 10 look like now?

  31. Joshua Claytor says:

    Oh this is super cool though, grats to blastodermman!

  32. LimiteMunicipau says:

    In Token Crusader you have the Ambitious Hireling and the Khuul Lawkeeper to synergize with the buffs, whereas in Token Monk you added Septims for the Goblin to pilfer.

    But about the moonmoths, why did you choose them ? And what cards from Willpower could I place in a Token Mage to benefit the best from the Intelligence cards ?

    Sorry for these questions, I’m learning about deck building and your guide help a lot! Thanks dude 🙂

  33. Thanks-a-mundo for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

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    found this site as a most excellent site for latest updates.

  35. Nagumo says:

    Great writing but this time i miss the direct links to the named decks. Greetz Nagumo

  36. Great delivery. Great arguments. Keep up the great spirit.

  37. Avery says:

    Hey rei. Great article! I just wanted to point out that I noticed a typo.
    When discussing how to play Ash Berserker, I noticed that you wrote “hey” instead of “get.”

    “They have a target on their head so get* what value you can”

    Not a huge deal, but I thought you might want to know about it so you can fix it. 🙂

    Great article though. Thank you for posting it. 🙂

  38. yumyum36 says:

    Really cool to read through! Only complaint is that all-premium decks can sometimes make it difficult or distracting to read through.

    Maybe use premiums to highlight key cards in decks if possible? Or link to legends-decks/teslegends.pro as well?

  39. Vladikatenei says:

    Why there’s 3 goblins in aggro blod deck and only 1 cursebrand vampire? Isn’t better to have 3 vampires and 1 goblin in that deck instead?

    • LZCleric says:

      Sorry for the very late reply, but the single cursebrand vampire is because, while it’s useful in the early game, Cursebrand Vampire dillutes your pulls for other more impactful cards from Baphomet.

  40. Reireibarker says:

    This is really cool. I look forward to hopefully helping all of us move towards professional. 🙂

  41. LostSPM says:

    Omg I love your DnD idea! Ive been playing DnD on and off for about 15 years. Id love if you’d keep us up to date on that and hey if you have a seat open id love to play. Thanks for the great article. You guys rock and I love both of your podcasts. Keep up the great content creation.

  42. Manuel Navarro says:

    Great article and absolutely agree … the health of a community is measured in the quality of it (not the quantity). If each of us had these purposes every day, it would soon be part of us in an inculcated way and that behavior would be contagious to the rest of the community just because, otherwise, they would feel misplaced.

    For my part, put a YES in the box to commit to these suggestions;)

  43. Ezbior says:

    Interesting, no teacher decks at all?

    • Aetherllama says:

      About 15% of the decks had Teacher. Praxis Tokens, Elysian, and some decks with less than 3 copies. A lot of players decided to play Big combrei instead of a Teacher deck.

  44. mtgfan says:

    Thanks, great info for a beginner!

  45. SpareDragon says:

    Nice deck.
    By the way, you can’t import it from this page as you’ve made a little mistake with the formatting. The Market line needs to be:


    Might be worth editing!

  46. SpareDragon says:

    Fun deck. I’ve always loved tokens.
    By the way, you can’t copy the deck from the page as you’ve made a small mistake with the formatting. The Market line needs to be:


    Because at the moment Eternal is not recognising the deck as valid.

  47. pimliOprentiss says:

    Thanks for this article. I get extremely frustrated in not being able to put together enough wins to rank higher (currently stuck on mage). Wins definitely aren’t everything, though. I have incomplete collection and less time to play than I’d like. Most important, I’m going to follow your advice and netdeck to see if that opens us some new knowledge of play. Experience level is low for now.

  48. WesCisa says:

    Great write up, Flake!
    This gives me so much hope, and the way you explain the increased complexity and new deck-building rules allay my biggest fear of it feeling more simple or ‘solved’.
    Thanks, looking forward to more articles from you!

  49. Devildriven says:

    The provision system is what has me most excited. You can’t just slap anything into a list top heavy cards come at a price now and will definitely keep decks more diverse. I’m ready for homecoming 😈

  50. roeloff says:

    You seem like the kind of guy to know this,
    so i just started arena thanks to the prerelease code, and i was looking around for what to craft,
    turns out that i cant craft any of the rotated cards.

    do you think this will return or will arena really be standard only?

    thx in advance

  51. Devildriven says:

    So many great people under the TRS umbrella congrats

  52. bjthebrave says:

    really excellent article. As someone new to the game ive fou d this level of content analysis frustratingly hard to come by in comparison to other CCGs.

    keep em coming 😉

  53. pimliOprentiss says:

    Thanks for the article. This is just what I’m looking for. I’m looking to reach legend. My highest so far is warrior. Just bought the two collections, hopefully that helps.

  54. KazooCroc says:

    Thank you for the great read! I’m still having fun, hope you are as well.

  55. LivingStonii says:

    Top Grifter of Eternal

  56. SlothFacts Ashley says:

    Just wanna say, yeah, as a girl I feel intimidated entering any kind of gaming community, too. For every good story of my time in any community, there’s also *at least* one really bad one. The Eternal competitive community’s commitment to using they/them pronouns for players is actually what encouraged me to start joining tournaments instead of just playing ladder. It’s such a small thing, but does so much to make people like me feel welcome.

  57. 2400Baud says:

    Great article here. 11/10, would read again!
    This is one of the most professional and well written interview pieces I’ve seen from the “gaming” community.
    Flake, as an interviewer your questions and style are top notch. You cover a lot of ground and you do it with brevity. Merchant comes across as a likeable, sharp, and genuine guy with even more going on than we knew about before. (Props to Merch as well for being awesome-sauce).
    It also warms my heart to see something that’s been properly Edited (and spell-checked). You’re doing God’s work here. Nice job.

  58. Chris says:

    How can we watch the tournament if we missed it? Will it be posted somewhere? YouTube?

    • Lateralus19 says:

      You can see the VOD on twitch.tv/teamrankstar right now!

      We will move it over to our YouTube very soon as well.

  59. pimliOprentiss says:

    I get discouraged from time to time when I play and it is so hard to keep a growth mindset. I’ve only been playing since mid July, but I love this game and have so much to learn. Shout out to you, Will (plzdonhakme), Lateralus19, thejustinlarson, CVH, Charm3r, Warriors7, and all the legends and aspiring legends that help the new members of the community. There are so many I didn’t name and am still discovering myself.

  60. pimliOprentiss says:

    Very informative, thank you. I went to YouTube to watch the top 8 from legends master series and it was a phenomenal watch. You beat so many great players. I feel like I learned from all of you. Congrats on the win.

  61. WesCisa says:

    I’ve always respected McB’s calculated and reasoned responses to hype/criticism. You point that out in the beginning and then he does exactly that in his response to Homecoming criticism.
    Great article! Looking forward to more!

  62. shg says:

    I know it’s probably not the return of experience you’re expecting, bt I just tried this deck in Gauntlet Master and went 14-0 in about an hour which is, to me quite fast and very surprising.

    I even destroyed the charge boss.

    Will definitely give this one a try on the ladder, thanks 🙂

  63. Inb0 says:

    As someone who has also worked in the advertising industry, I must say that McB’s professionalism and work ethic is top notch. You’d think everyone in advertising should have such traits (or any industry really) but no, it is still fairly uncommon. Much respect to the man and I wish him success.

    Also, The Rock. Definitely.

  64. M3D13VAL says:

    Loved the article man. I would like to point out that Troll would be a 6/2 after trading into the Mammoth. Nothing huge, but something to note. Great Article.

  65. kaibutsu says:

    Thanks for the great article!

  66. Madskul says:

    Thanks for making this. As an eager console player I can’t get enough info on new Gwent and all this feels like I am studying for the big exam, lol. I hope however that when new Gwent drops for console that the “wrinkles” have been ironed out because if I was to judge it on Reddit alone… yikes!

  67. mspaintshoops says:

    This is amazing. I’ve been looking for some well-reasoned descriptions of the early meta, and here you’ve done it. I hope to see more in the future, hopefully with some power or popularity rankings!

  68. Kagemusha666 says:

    Great list and decriptions of the decks but i am really baffled that i dont see something like a Filavandrel Buff-A-Tael (so to speak).

    • DrGrrrr says:

      the Scoia’tael boost archetype did not have a strong list while I was writing this last weekend, however I’ve heard that a francesca/aglais deck has surfaced in the past few days. I’d recommend looking it up if you’re interested!

  69. Strapping says:

    Swarm deck has two slots too much

  70. Strapper says:

    Arachas Queen deck has 2 slots too much

  71. Slandingman says:

    After artifact nerf some decks are not properly filled, will you keep up to date?

  72. JeffTan7729 says:

    great interview, never know burza had family issue yet showing the best to public.

  73. kenlblack says:

    Wow…fantastic interview with the public face of Gwent. Burza, you went through a rough year. You were able to somehow look optimistic to the public through it all, which is a credit to you. As a fellow divorcee (many years ago, with a now-28 year old son) I know how tough that can be. Take care of yourself first, and know that–through it all–the Gwent Community holds you in the highest regard.

  74. 2400Baud says:

    Just as solid as the interview with Merchant. Great stuff. Flake, you’re doing it right.
    And Cheers to Pawel! Long live the Face of Gwent!

  75. webkisha says:

    Natalya Ivanova:
    Thank you, Flake. I’ve just finished translation for russian community and wanted to say how I’m impressed of the interview, its style and topics you revealed.
    It makes me to admire Pawel’s dedication and professionalism (again), hope the community will feel so as well. Great job and good luck for both of you!

  76. Rocketboy273 says:

    Great summary and article. Thanks Endozoa for compiling the info, and composing it. I’m looking forward to participating in more tournaments like this.

  77. Vladimir Valchev says:

    Great interview Flake! Great insight, very touching interview!
    Burza, you are a Polish(ed) machine:)

  78. It is great to see two pillars of the Gwent community have such an open and honest discussion about some difficult topics. I know I speak for the entire Gwent community when I say that we are extremely lucky to have you as our community manager, Pawel, leaks or no leaks! You have our support, no matter what. Stay strong, brother! Gwent is what it is because of you! Don’t forget that! Gwent4Life!

  79. kenlblack says:

    Thanks very much for this, Flake! I went against this deck a couple of times yesterday. It was not fun, to say the least, without any weather clear. Thanks for your efforts in this and all you do.

  80. heatonfan77 says:

    Really useful – new to Gwent and as a MtG player am intrigued by its very different game dynamics. Good site and your videos are excellently produced and clear. Good luck

  81. kenlblack says:

    Very nice! Thanks for the fine write-up, good Doctor! Looking forward to your updates.

  82. Eric says:

    Thanks for this article i was going through some hard tilt and really getting upset over losses after a big losing streak. Not to say this article ended my tilt, but after reading and honestly resonating with it I started winning again. The only addition I’d like to add would be that sometimes editing your deck can also help with tilt. If you don’t like how certain cards sit in your hand or you feel like they’re dead draws etc., even if you’re a netdecker and aren’t confident in your skills to build a deck. I don’t know if it’s a Placebo or just getting a better sense for tuning your deck, but just switching out a single card can often help break your tilt.

  83. Slandingman says:

    Thank you, waiting for your update for the 4th december patch notes

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