Hi, I’m Redrame. I started out playing the Pokémon TCG as a kid and never could get off the card game train since. I never intended to play for anything but fun, but after hitting Rank 9 Legend in Hearthstone I decided to try my luck at the esports scene. I moved to GWENT shortly after, where I’m best known for homebrewing my own deck builds and being very successful with them, as well as uploading homebrews to GwentDB with over 200,000 total views. I have reached rank 1 on ranked ladder several times, finished at rank 11 during the first season of pro ladder, and made finals in TGO alongside semifinals in TGO Legacy.

I have also placed top 8 at both Wild Hunt LANs, where I earned the nickname of “chair guy” by screwing around on stage and crashing interviews. Additionally, I set a Northern Realms fMMR record of 1480 shortly after Winch came out during season 2 of pro ladder, which was more than 100 points higher than any NR score that season when achieved. Some of my more well-known builds include the post-nerf Axeman deck, the Wild Hunt Rider/Iris combo Eredin, Morvran Mill with Tibor Fringilla, 29 card Token Consume, Winch Henselt with Nenneke and Vandergrift, Relict Monsters, and Double Knight Foltest.

I also stream every once in a while (schedule TBD) here and try to build all sorts of stupid decks, and I’m always eager to meet new folks.


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