Season 2 of Gwent Trivia Announced

The anticipated return of Gwent Trivia has received a debut date. Flake and Markthius will return as hosts of a brand new season of the Gwent themed quiz show on Sunday, November 11 at noon Eastern Standard Time.

The new season will feature a revamped structure, promising to test the wits and wisdom of the competitors. Though the format is getting a re-work,  fans can count of the return of the popular “Draw A card” segment.

Gwent Trivia has always functioned best when the audience is involved, and the trivia team recognizes the importance of great viewers. Bolstered by support from Inked Gaming, Team Rankstar and CDPR, there will be plenty of prize support for fans watching the show. Participation and interaction will be important in the upcoming season.

With an A-list of competitors confirmed, Season 2 will start with a bang. The first episode will feature Gwent Masters analyst Shinmiri and Challenger 4 co-host Ashlizzle taking on LordBushWook.

The show will air live on Flake’s Twitch Channel.

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