Seat of Impulse: Dark Frontier

This time on Seat of Impulse, I sat down with some of the crew from Team Rankstar and got some insight on their favorite cards from the new set. Some are hot fire, like Eclipse Dragon. Others, like Ice Bolt, are only for the cool kids. And then, on the outskirts, are some of the spiciest jank we have seen since the sky started darkening. Come on for a ride, take a seat on the red and yellow chair, and buckle up!

Follow along on EternalWarCry for the cards and effects if you don’t know them all by heart yet.


Seek Answers – In 2 faction decks, this card is just as good as Seek Power. I think seek power will be relegated to 3 faction decks because I’m never sad to see this bad boi off the top.

Rost, the Walking Glacier – Whew, we knew this card was bonkers and oh man, has it been. Unless you can silence or transform it, you have to aggro them out. Good finisher and Warp is just gravy in those control mirrors.

Svetya’s Sanctum – I glossed over this card when initially read all the new cards. When I went back to toy with Hooru Control, I found this and have been blown away. You don’t even need units anymore.

Brenn, Arch-Magister – I am ready for Almost to tune the storm deck. To be honest, I kinda miss Talir combo occupying its chunk of the metagame. Plus, dorky goldfish combo decks are fun (as a break from playing FJS).


Kaleb’s Persuader – I think for many players this weapon has gone way under the radar. But, I think it’s a viable weapon for aggro. Getting power means you can push extra damage while also helping towards top end units and burn spells such as Obliterate and Flameblast. This works excellent with quickdraw and overwhelm units because the weapon is big enough to let your units keep pushing. I think this card’s primary home will be Skycrag, as Stonescar is stocked with 4 drops already.Royal decree: A playable version of Rain of Frogs, this card gives a huge amount of early information while also replacing the powerful cards in the enemy hand with power.  Once you know the enemy hand, you can gain tempo or plan for their future threats, making the power they gained not overly powerful.

Seek answers – I’ve always wanted an effect like this, and now we finally have it. In limited, this card’s powerful because you have less tools to prevent flood. This does that while also helping when you need a higher mass of power. In constructed, this card’s viable due to it being fantastic in combo decks. Letting you get your early power while also liking drawing a combo piece/merchant/card draw spell towards your end game plan. This card isn’t fixing, but I’m really excited to toy with this card moving forward.

Oni Patrol – The most speculative card I’ll be mentioning, Oni Patrol is another power 1 drop unit for fire. This one can get out of range of a snowball quickly while also supporting the Oni Tribal. I’m not sure where this card’s home is, but it’s been very good in multiple builds of Stonescar and Skycrag alongside most of my limited decks


Tocas, Waystone Harvester – Tocas is a very interesting card. I’m a big fan of control decks and Tocas’ first passive effect lends itself well to those strategies in the right meta. I’m also a big fan of ramp strategies and Tocas provides that too. Moreover, Twist has quickly gone straight to the top of my favorite mechanics from Dark Frontier. I have had fun brewing Mono-Time and FTP with this new tool we’ve gained.

Larai, the Appraiser – I read Larai one time and immediately hopped over to EternalWarcry to start looking at 3-5 cost relics. I’ve got quite a few different ideas in mind for Larai and have dedicated a good chunk of my stored up Shiftstone to finding the right spot for such a cool card. I’m currently looking at a Temporal shell. Larai can be twisted once to grab Stronghold’s Visage and should it twist one or even two more times, you can also search out Eternity Core and Moondial. The 3 cards mentioned have already seen play in the Temporal deck before and though I suspect this isn’t the right spot for Larai, my dedication to control decks has me trying anyway.

Evenhanded Golem – Evenhanded Golem presents an interesting conundrum. Should I lose access to my odd-costed cards for the payoff of that sweet “Draw two cards” text? While the answer is most assuredly “No” for pretty much any deck, should you find yourself with a deck that just happens to have a power curve that looks like a Mario Bros level, Evenhanded Golem is certainly worth the inclusion. This type of effect is something that I love seeing introduced to Eternal. It’s not a “random” effect and requires dedication as a very costly build-around.


Secret Weapon – It’s a 2 power 8/8 with Aegis. Sure, it can get delayed by your opponent, but it’s an inevitable threat that can also be cheated out with a card like Nikos, or it just automatically wins against unitless control decks.

Royal Decree – This bad boy is going to get nerfed to 3 power, guaranteed. But it’s a card that I’m going to look forward to using while I can, as I love messing with my opponent’s hand.

Reweave – I can’t wait to see an Argenport deck focused on stealing things and sacking them away so you can get your own threats out.


Well. I don’t really know what are the 3 top cards yet, but I can tell 2 of these (Sediti, the Killing Steel and Pristine Light) have a ton of raw power, and the other, (Ice Bolt) while having a drawback, gives Primal a fast, almost unconditional, removal for 2.

Pristine Light – This is the first “aoe removal” that not only works as a removal but to recur units that died this turn. This is not the only thing that makes this card extremely strong, also the fact that the drawback of the “aoe” is offset by the fact that the units that you just lost by the removal are drawn again. This means you can get extra summon effects from your merchants or, why not, an extra Sediti curse. Speaking of…

Sediti, the Killing Steel – Sediti’s curse is too strong by itself and it comes with a 6/6 flier. The curses stack and the enemy may have to attack into lifesteal units or be forced into “bad choices” to not let the enemy draw those free cards. Sediti is not just a win more card, in stalled boards or against control you get to draw an extra card per turn… Per curse!

Did I mention Sediti its a 6/6 flier with warp, for only 5?

Ice bolt – it feels so strong to be able to kill anything at fast speed! You really don’t care about the enemy getting one more power when they are already dropping Varas and Behemoths on you lol… You just boom, kill them! Something you couldn’t do before with Primal that you can now do. It is, most of the time, a fast and unconditional removal for 2 or in some cases: a ramp if you use it on one of your units that is getting killed. An even bigger plus if that unit is a Hojan!

A special mention to Royal Decree, for being the most unfun card in the game. I won’t tell you why, but you will be surprised how much fun you can have when you top deck 4 seek power in a row!


Ice Bolt – This card basically reads “kill everything”. The downside feels so minor to me, especially when you’re on the play and are already ahead on power.

Reread – I’m trying to figure the best shell for this. But, for example, Temporal Control with this card lets you do some busted stuff. In the late game, it just acts as virtual copies of most of your important cards. Lastly…

Eclipse Dragon – This is very, very good and fits perfectly into an FTP shell. It allows you to bash for 4 and then hold up a negate or removal spell, which is big tempo.


Eclipse Dragon – It’s a super sweet dragon with loads of text in the box. It’s an evasive threat that also has charge and quickdraw. Works great against opposing sites or just as a beater. Also, it has some AMAZING art. I love it.

Glimpse the Possibilities – A combo lover’s dream card. This card with Workshop Forge has killed me already in the last two days more than I could count. Expect to see this card a lot in the future. Perfect for meme decks and in an uninteractive format could be quite competitive as well.

Ice Bolt – One of the best removal cards published in quite a while. Works great in a variety of decks and finally gives Skycrag decks an answer to SST. This card is going to be a staple for sure. 100%

All of the Insignias – Love this cycle of power cards. Encourages dual-faction decks and can help power bases be even more solid. These cards plus Smugglers are just instant crafts in my opinion. Will be using them all.


Good Idea at the Time – Not only do I literally say the name of this card all the time in real life, but the card appears to have some sort of mimic in the art and that’s just sweet. This is a card for all you Knucklebones fans. It’s sweet, sweet jank. Maybe you could even play it with Vargo’s Pelt and hope to hit a unit!

Seek Answers – This is basically the card I wish Cargos were. When you want power, it will be that. When you want it to be a card with text, it will be. It might even be the specific answer or card that you need because it’s actually a card you put in your deck on purpose! I think this card will see less play than it should. Obviously, it’s probably a bit rough to play this card in your 3 Faction deck but that partially depends on your influence requirements and how you build your powerbase. Even then, I’d definitely play this in the Power Fixing 5+ slot.

Pristine Light – Now, we all assumed and/or knew this card would be good but holy cow! It’s been pretty disgusting for me so far. Sure, you kill your own units, but you also get to redraw them! Think about getting extra summons off Sediti, Rizahn, or Svetya! I can tell you from experience that it FeelsGoodMan.

Eclipse Dragon – Flying. Charge. Sold. The rest is just gravy.

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