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Since Rastakhan’s Rumble released last year, many players have wondered how they could ever make Handbufflock with Spirit of the Bat work, but so far the best deck presented was the one that hoped to synergize this spirit with Hir’eek, the Bat in order to fill the board with 7 well stated Bats for 8 mana. As you may have guessed already, this strategy was much too slow and barely saw play in the days following Rastakhan’s release.636791251908185605

It seemed as though the Spirit of the Bat might remain a sleeper card until the next Hearthstone rotation in April as far as I was concerned, but the creative Johnny within me just had to dig deeper for an OTK that relied on Spirit of the Bat after a viewer requested a BatLock deck (for those newer to collectable card game or CCG references, a Johnny is one of the three main types of players, the other two being competitive netdecking Spikes and the Timmies with their slow value decks).

So the plan I came up with was to trigger the spirit on a charge minion a bunch of times to OTK the opponent with the help of a lot of Grim Patrons, Possessed Villager, and Defile, as well as Deathspeaker so that the spirit could survive all the Defile ticks. All that was left to do after that was iron out some of the details.

The first step was choosing which charge minion to buff. I decided to go with Stonetusk Boar over Leeroy Jenkins since the Boar costs 4 mana less and this combo will already require a great deal of discounts, so the cheaper the combo pieces are the better, not to mention that after being heavily buffed a 5 attack difference probably won’t end up mattering.

Following that I had to define the deck’s burst potential. Considering that most of the decks slow enough to give Handbufflock a chance to combo tend to gain plenty of armour, such as Druids or Warriors, I decided to go for a high figure. Keeping this in mind, I opted to use two Defiles and two Spirit of the Bats to maximize the hand buff damage output. They both need to be immune so the easiest course was to just copy the original immune spirit with Prince Taldaram rather than play another Spirit of the Bat and Deathspeaker.

That being said I had to consider the two rather large obstacles that this list faces. The first obvious one is that this is a 19 mana one turn kill that will require 9 mana discounts, split between eight cards with Emperor Thaurissan and Drakkari Enchanter. This will force me to hold onto many dead cards throughout the game and will complicate hand size management.

Besides that, I’m forced to get rid of every other minion in hand except for Boar before I combo to avoid splitting the hand buffs between the charger and irrelevant minions. This restriction left me no choice but to run less cycle minions such as Loot Hoarder and Bloodmage Thalnos and instead include more clunky, less used spells like Kara Kazham! and Imp-losion in the deck just to fill the empty slots.

Successfully navigating this deck through all these conditions will lead you to a stage in the game where the opponent will have a clear board because of the 28 damage AOE from both Defiles (each is capped at 14 procs), while you will have a 71/71 piggy to smack the face with! Captura de Ecrã (560)

If you want to watch this deck in action click here, and if you feel brave enough to try this out for yourself I’ll leave the deck code below:


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or suggestions be sure to let me know in the comment section below!

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