Spoiler Alert! — Vanquisher’s Blade

I am here today to reveal an exciting new card from the upcoming new set of Eternal — The Fall of Argenport. I revealed it on stream in a slew of viewer battles. Each win unlocked a new portion of the card starting with Rarity and culminating with the actual text of the card. One of my favorite Eternal streamers, y0ttabyte revealed his spoiler this way and I just had so much fun watching that I stayed up until 6AM my time to see it get fully revealed. Thus, I did what all greats do and I stole the idea! Without further ado, meet Vanquisher’s Blade!

SPOILER -- Vanquishers Blade

Vanquisher’s Blade. 2JJ. Weapon. +2/+2. Cards can’t leave the enemy void. Spellcraft 3: Play Vanquish.

That’s a lot of text! The first cards that I’m sure will come to the mind of many are Crownwatch Longsword and Reality Warden. While the former is a roleplayer in Draft and BFFs with Brightmace Paladin and the latter sees fringe play in Combrei decks, I expect Vanquisher’s Blade to find a nice home in Rakano Plate and/or Combrei Aggro. The applications of this card are many. Let’s focus on the first ability of the card first.

These aggro and weapon centric decks traditionally struggle vs Haunting Scream decks and sometimes lose to nutty reanimator strategies. This card shuts those decks down until they can find a way to deal with them which often times is easier said than done. The time this speedbump buys you against Scream in particular will likely decide a game. I could even see this card getting played in the Market or Sideboard of a Svetya, Orene of Kosul focused Haunting Scream deck versus other Void strategies. Hell, this card is even good versus the often annoying Dawnwalker! Your opponent playing out a big unit and ultimately ending up with two or more blockers that are big enough to trade or eat your units up is less than desired. This brings us to the second half of the card — the Spellcraft 3 ability.

So for those that missed the memo on Spellcraft, check out the new article about Spellcraft on the Dire Wolf Digital website! Essentially, when you play a card with Spellcraft, you have the option to spend an additional X power (where X is the number after the word Spellcraft) to create and play a copy of the named card immediately. In the case of Vanquisher’s Blade, that cost is 3 and you’re casting Vanquish to get that pesky Cirso, the Great Glutton out of the way for victory!

Imagine this. You’re a Combrei Aggro deck with a Sandstorm Titan in play. Your opponent is on a Time/X Midrange list with 2 Sandstorm Titan and a Xenan Obelisk in play with only 6 max power. They’re at 7 life. $10,000 on the line. Beads of sweat drip down your forehead. Your hands are slightly trembling on your mouse as you enter your turn. You’ve been top decking power after power and are on your last legs. You draw for turn. Vanquisher’s Blade. You play it on your Titan to make it 7/8. You kill one of the opposing Titans with the Spellcrafted Vanquish. The opponent is forced to chump with the remaining one. They draw a Time Sigil for turn. Game and Match. The crowd goes wild. You call your parents and together you all cry in joy. Wow. What a moment. This could be you sometime after the latest and greatest Eternal set comes out.

Get ready for The Fall of Argenport, coming to you Soon™ (+3*5).

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Thanks for reading!

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