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For Fun

Follow the Purple Rabbit

Limitation breeds creativity. How to build a deck with a fractured or minimal collection? Let´s explore that with Green-Purple Ramp!

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Deck Tech

Jennev Primer

Trials of Grodov wasn’t the most well received set to be released in recent months. It didn’t include a Player vs AI campaign to fight through. This was a disappointment to some, while it was a welcome surprise to others, myself included. I didn’t really enjoy having to rip through the campaigns just to get my cards. I never took the time to enjoy the duels, it was always a question of how could I unlock them faster. My suggestion

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Magic: The Gathering

Esper Midrange Deck Analysis

With the addition of War of the Spark, every previous deck has gained some nice new tools. Now that the WAR has been out for quite some time now, we are seeing the dust settle with everyone exploring new decks. One deck that has been placing amazing results since the first day of WAR was Esper Midrange. There are many different iterations of Esper Midrange that have made some amazing finishes and each iteration is indicative of the current meta.

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GP Ramp Midrange

name: GP Ramp Midrange coverart: Lantern Colossus path: turn of seasons power: impel 3 grinning kolobok 1 wake the bones 3 detained 4 gallows boy 4 raid the tombs 1 academy analyst 2 led astray 1 leshy greene 1 avenging alpha 1 gamayun 1 ravenous she 2 volkov heavy 1 traitorous murmur 2 imperative bell 3 sword saint 2 hotel barkeep 1 muttonmorphosis 1 nine-tailed vixen 1 pentacle of flavors 1 terragon 1 jin-sook, dollmaster 3 lantern colossus

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