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ECQ Preparation

Hello everyone! Nathan “noverb” Overbay here back again to talk strategy with you. With the World’s Qualifier season underway, what better thing to talk about than how to prepare for an Eternal Championship Qualifier (ECQ)? What are my qualifications to talk about this, you may ask? While I may not have the most Top 64’s of all the competitors in Eternal, I do have a Top 64, two Top 32’s, and a Finals placing in previous ECQs. In this article

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Josh Sampson

Rankstar’s Arena Rumble

Team Rankstar, in partnership with GamerSensei.com, is hosting a month-long Magic the Gathering: Arena tournament series with over $1600 in prizes! Here is are specifics of this series and what is to come! Dates, Times, & Signup Links Rankstar Arena Rumble Qualifier #1: September 6th 6:00 PM (PDT) SIGNUP LINK: https://battlefy.com/team-rankstar/rankstar-arena-rumble-qualifier-1/5d5198dbbb53bf0ea4c6594b/inf Rankstar Arena Rumble Qualifier #2: September 13th 6:00 PM (CEST) SIGNUP LINK: https://battlefy.com/team-rankstar/rankstar-arena-rumble-qualifier-2/5d51a28ba80938378342072e/info Rankstar Arena Rumble Qualifier #3: September 20th 6:00 PM (EDT) SIGNUP LINK: https://battlefy.com/team-rankstar/rankstar-arena-rumble-qualifier-3/5d51a312b3d2c63affcaeae4/info Rankstar Arena Rumble

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