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Deckbuilding Principles/How I learned to stop building trash and love the provision system

This articles was written by Johaggis and edited by Sevenzh. Hey Gwent Community, seeing as data gathering has become more difficult and the snapshots are on hiatus, I figured it might be helpful to share some advice on how to make a deck that doesn’t attempt to pull you to rank 31. I’ll be going over some general principles for making a deck, which will hopefully help you build your own! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m

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For Fun

New Seasonal META deck?

“The Seasonal is fricking trash!” These were my exact words when I first tried the brand new Seasonal mode in Gwent. Now it’s a few days into the last patch and my attitude has completely changed. And how did this happen? Let me carefully explain! After playing the first game with a regular deck and realizing this isn’t the way I can go I started to think. What could help me reach the beautiful border and cardback? Trying a few

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