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Team Rankstar “Alliance War” Card Reveal: Empire Recruiter

Hi Legends community, this is Matty and Endo here to bring you our reveal from the upcoming Elder Scrolls: Legends expansion “Alliance War”. Without further ado, here is Empire Recruiter: Empire Recruiter is in the new three-attribute class “Empire of Cyrodil” (Endurance, Agility, Willpower). Its ability summons a 1/1 token in the lane that Empire Recruiter is not in, which fits in with Empire’s theme of summoning creatures in both lanes. Its creature type is Imperial, as are most of

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Spoiler Alert! – Alchemists Concoction

We are deep in the spoiler season ready for next weeks release and every day we get another piece of candy. I’m not ‘fraid of no cavities – spoil me away! Today I got my spoiler and I think this is a spicy one with applications in both draft and ranked ladder play in a few currently unseen brews. So lets pull the band aid off so I can get to the juicy stuff. Alchemists Concoction, is everything I like

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