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98.3 Presents: Winter Wonderbrawl

98.3 Media in association with Team Rankstar, Inked Gaming and Mythgard Hub is proud to present the next event in the Holiday themed Mythgard Core Set Series: Winter Wonderbrawl. Bring your best deck and battle for the frozen throne in this best of three event. LIVE cast of Top 8 on December 15th! PRIZES 1st: $60 USD + Card Packs 2nd: $25 USD + Card Packs 3rd: $15 USD + Card Packs Bring one deck Best of Three Open deck lists Day

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Team Rankstar

Announcing: Brawlers Of Uldum

Team Rankstar is excited to present Brawlers Of Uldum! This will be a Hearthstone STANDARD deck list event. Bring your four best standard decks and battle it out in a Best of Three. This event will be featuring the new shield system for pick/bans. (NA server, Bo3 Conquest with Shield Phase. Six rounds of Swiss followed by Top 8 single elimination bracket. ) We hope that you will join us on October 5th -6th to compete in the event. Top

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Josh Sampson

Rankstar’s Arena Rumble

Team Rankstar, in partnership with GamerSensei.com, is hosting a month-long Magic the Gathering: Arena tournament series with over $1600 in prizes! Here is are specifics of this series and what is to come! Dates, Times, & Signup Links Rankstar Arena Rumble Qualifier #1: September 6th 6:00 PM (PDT) SIGNUP LINK: https://battlefy.com/team-rankstar/rankstar-arena-rumble-qualifier-1/5d5198dbbb53bf0ea4c6594b/inf Rankstar Arena Rumble Qualifier #2: September 13th 6:00 PM (CEST) SIGNUP LINK: https://battlefy.com/team-rankstar/rankstar-arena-rumble-qualifier-2/5d51a28ba80938378342072e/info Rankstar Arena Rumble Qualifier #3: September 20th 6:00 PM (EDT) SIGNUP LINK: https://battlefy.com/team-rankstar/rankstar-arena-rumble-qualifier-3/5d51a312b3d2c63affcaeae4/info Rankstar Arena Rumble

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Platy’s Opal Waystone Classic Primer

What is the Opal Waystone Classic? “It is an upcoming Eternal Card Game community event featuring a $350+ prize pool co-sponsored by Shiftstoned, Eternal Warcry, the Eternal Community League, and Kaelari’s EternalTournaments.com” “In order to qualify for participation, registered decks must contain a minimum of eight cards in at least four factions. Multi-faction cards count toward the minimum requirements for each of their colors, but cards in the Market do not. The deck-building requirements will be automatically verified as part

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