Team Rankstar “Alliance War” Card Reveal: Empire Recruiter

Hi Legends community, this is Matty and Endo here to bring you our reveal from the upcoming Elder Scrolls: Legends expansion “Alliance War”. Without further ado, here is Empire Recruiter:


Empire Recruiter is in the new three-attribute class “Empire of Cyrodil” (Endurance, Agility, Willpower). Its ability summons a 1/1 token in the lane that Empire Recruiter is not in, which fits in with Empire’s theme of summoning creatures in both lanes. Its creature type is Imperial, as are most of token-themed cards.

Empire Recruiter seems to be more of a token/aggro card than a control one. Empire’s 2-drop slot in this style of deck should be one of the most competitive in the game, including powerhouses such as Mournhold Traitor, Fifth Legion Trainer, and Skinned Hound. There are 9 other two drops competing for a whopping 27 slots that we would really like to include in the same decks we would play Empire Recruiter in. However, Empire Recruiter is a fairly powerful card in its own right. Playing it on curve could lead to a strong snowball effect as you potentially get a free creature each turn. As a 2/3 it has similar stats to other heavily played cards like Suran Pawnbroker, Dragontail Savior, Cleric of Kyne, Skinned Hound, and Barrow Stalker. It could also be the bread and butter of Empire’s theme, which already has the payoff of Pit Lion, and could have others that have not been revealed yet.

The pilfer effect on Empire Recruiter is similar to pre-nerf Goblin Skulk or Daring Cutpurse. However, unlike the aforementioned cards Empire Recruiter does not protect itself after pilfering; Skulk can grab Cruel Fireblooms, Curse, or Lesser Ward, and Daring Cutpurse receives stat buffs. The requirement of pilfering to get maximum value out of the card also results in a play pattern where Recruiter’s controller loses trade priority, which can heavily influence early stages of the game. Recruiter is still a stronger play on curve than cards like Suran Pawnbroker, Cleric of Kyne, and Skinned Hound, so this could be the reason it find its way into Empire Aggro Lists.

Even if Empire Recruiter doesn’t make the cut over the rest of the 2-drops in the class, it could still see play as a one-of if people decide it is better than Clivia Tharn, the other three-attribute card in Empire.

Here are two sample lists we threw together that utilize Empire Recruiter:


Token Empire


Midrange Empire

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