ThatResolves – JPS Makto Eilyn Control

ThatResolves finishes off the month strong with “Makto Eilyn Control“. The deck has lots of removal including playsets of Devastating Setback, Slay, Feeding Time (to fight off opposing Makto’s) and Harsh Rule. It also features a few other removal spells to balance out the suite, but essentially this deck is just removal, high impact JPS threats and the backbreaking Feln Control all-star: Azinedel’s Gift!

The deck plays out a lot like Feln, but with the Vara nerf, now features a different suite of finishers. With decks now playing to the board more than they have the past month or two, this deck has a ton of potential. I believe we will see control come back in favor in the coming season, and it will include some iteration of this list. Now that Protect is at an all time low, this deck does a great job at ensuring the board stays clear until you can swing the game in your favor!


1 Permafrost (Set1 #193)

3 Seek Power (Set1 #408)

1 Annihilate (Set1 #269)

4 Strategize (Set3 #165)

2 Vanquish (Set1 #143)

1 Vara’s Favor (Set0 #35)

4 Devastating Setback (Set3 #226)

2 Eilyn’s Choice (Set2 #220)

1 Privilege of Rank (Set1 #157) 4 Slay (Set2 #236)

4 Wisdom of the Elders (Set1 #218)

4 Feeding Time (Set1 #381)

2 Rain of Frogs (Set1 #221) 4 Harsh Rule (Set1 #172)

4 Inquisitor Makto (Set2 #242)

4 Black-Sky Harbinger (Set1 #385)

1 Celestial Omen (Set1 #241)

1 Azindel’s Gift (Set1 #306)

2 Eilyn, Clan Mother (Set3 #263)

4 Justice Sigil (Set1 #126)

3 Primal Sigil (Set1 #187)

3 Shadow Sigil (Set1 #249)

4 Crest of Cunning (Set3 #267)

4 Crest of Vengeance (Set3 #264)

3 Seat of Cunning (Set0 #62)

3 Seat of Order (Set0 #51)

2 Seat of Vengeance (Set0 #55)

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