ThatResolves is the resident video maestro, producing regular YouTube content to showcase the different decks in Eternal. They are always working on something new, even occasionally spotlighting other games in beta states. That is the present though, the real question is, how did we get here?

Thatresolves kicked off their CCG career playing Magic : The Gathering, but after the changes to the PTQ system it didn’t feel worth it anymore to travel away every weekend. They would still sleeve Faeries or Tron in modern from time to time though. This feeling of hopelessness however coincided with the release of the rebooted Vs System which they started to play and got really involved in. Aside from creating a lot of written and video content for the game and winning the First UK Nationals and coming Second in the next UK Nationals the game started to die down in the UK after an extended period without any support from the distributors. The game is alive and well in the United States local game stores but it’s very hard for non Fantasy Flight games to really take a hold in Europe.

Thatresolves had played Eternal just after the closed beta and popped in every now and then to play a few games a month but now without any paper games they were interested in playing Eternal really hit that itch with the added bonus of really working around their lifestyle as you could just come home and jam a few games and didn’t need to plan a weekend away.

After lurking in Sir Rhinos twitch stream for nearly a year they decided it was time to create their own content after it was mentioned that there were nowhere near enough creators for the game. Starting out was rough with a built in mic and no experience recording but now we are rocking a snowball and hd webcam and working on trying to provide quality rather than quantity. It was ultimately the great community that kept them around and a vision to keep it that way, making youtube videos fit the lifestyle too much more than twitch and they feel that you can take a much more educational stance in the youtube format which is what lead to the inception of the New Player Series which is very popular with a variety of players.


Check out some of the things they have done so far:




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