• EndoZoa

Hi there, I’m Alex or EndoZoa and along with Paulo (PDMD) and Chris (Lateralus19) I am one of the first recruits for the TRS Tournament Team. I’ve been playing legends competitively for about a year now, though I took a 4 month break in the middle while future prospects for the game looked grim and ground mtgo. The announcement of TESLCS brought me back and I’ve been taking the game more seriously since, getting a top 10 ladder finish (#6) and qualifying for 2 of the 3 TESLCS championships. You may also know me as the primary caster for WarpMeta with whom TRS is starting to work more closely. I’ve also done some written work for TRS, my first solo article was “The Waiting Game” and I worked with Warriors and Karakon on the Epics Crafting guide. I will be putting out either a weekly or biweekly article recaping the weekly WarpMeta tournaments and meta trends and hope to do more in depth strategy articles from time to time. I’ve also been developing a streaming presence so hopefully many of you will know me from there! As shouldn’t be too shocking my stream is primarily educational, focusing on me and my viewers learning together. I also coach and have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of players, all the way from those in the top 10 of ladder rankings to people brand new to the genre. If you are interested in coaching I hope you’ll check me out!




  • Izana

Hello! I’m Luis or Izana in TES:L. I have the pleasure to represent the hispanic community in the game, and this is actually a big deal for me. Since January, 2018 I started streaming consistently to fill the gap in content creation in Spanish/English after I finally obtained my Ms. in Computer Science in December, 2017.

I started playing CCG when Hearthstone invited me to their closed beta, but eventually got tired of their game design. After leaving HS, I went on a trip trying several CCG like Gwent, Eternal, Hex, Shadowverse, and landed finally on Legends when it got announced. My journey began two weeks before the open beta release, so I have witnessed the rise and fall of many deck archetypes, cards, streamers, and memes. Since Heroes of Skyrim I have the goal to always reach Legend, and since January, reach top 100 each month and face the most competitive players in the game, being my highest rank Legend #14. 

I’m excited to have the opportunity to teach, share, and learn from my fellow teammates and the whole Legends community with the help of Team Rankstar. My social media accounts are always open for everyone!



  • Lateralus19

Howdy folks! My name is Chris aka Lateralus19. My first exposure to strategy card games was Magic back when I was a youngster around the time of the Portal block. I played competitive Magic off and on until about two years ago when my son was born. I have played several online CCGs including HS, Infinity Wars, Scrolls, Hand of the Gods, etc. at various competitive and casual levels. I have been playing TESL since July 2016. I have competed competitively off and on when my life allows. I have a few top 4 ESL and/or TESLCS finishes and several top 8s in both. I have a handful of top 32 finishes on the ladder as well and will be looking to add to that as I have recently refocused my efforts on improving my gameplay and mindset. I have been streaming a bit off and on since March 2017. I used to contribute to the BTL Meta Snapshots. I hope that with Team Rankstar, I will be able to have more of an impact on this fantastic community!



  • MetalSpongeTV

Hello my name is Paul, from England AKA MetalSpongeTv and I would like to start by thanking Team RankStar for picking me up! I’m super excited to be a part of the team! I am a fairly new player to card games as this is my first one. I have been playing since September 2017 and hit legend every month, apart from my first, since I was still learning the game. I am looking to climb the ladder, mainly on stream, but thinking of streaming more tournaments games in the future. Feel free to contact me if you any questions!



  • PauloDiogo

Hi, my name is Paulo (PauloDiogo in game) but you might know me on twitch as Pdmd28. I’m glad to join the TRS Tournament Team along side with EndoZoa.

I have been playing legends for more then 2 years now. I started when open beta started, and have been an avid player trying to get top legend every month. I regularly finish top 20-30 Legend, have a couple of top 4’s and top 8’s in both TESLCS and ESL GO4. I also wrote some articles for BetweenTheLanes to help new players getting started.

I offer coaching, and you might know one of the players I been coaching/helping: Earlmiester. With only 2 months of playing this game he already has a top 10 finish to his name!

Sadly I’m unable to stream due to my bad internet and old PC, but it is a goal of mine to enter the streaming world soon!

I’m glad to join TRS and look forward to working together to make an impact in the community and improve it as much as we can.

Legends Decks


  • Zajs

You probably don’t know me from Legends, I am a chronic lurker, but I’m around – Zajs in game.  I don’t always hit legend and I miss some tournaments, but I try to get at least one 7-X a day in on the arena.  Maybe I’ll stream someday, but I haven’t done that since JustinTV.  I’ll be more active here and in discord for now.

I found D&D, Warmachine, and Magic halfway through college and wish I’d found them earlier.  I started playing Magic at my local game store in 2010 and was an MTG tournament rounder for several years.  I met Aphelion through Magic and pretty much instantly decided he was cool.  Between work and being married , I had almost no time for games or friends while I learned to juggle it all.  I like games, video and physical and played around with quite a bit, but I am currently playing Legends, Slay the Spire, and dipping a toe into Eternal.  I still rotate through Skyrim, WoW, and Hearthstone as time allows.

I’m a Portlander born and raised and by day, I do boring stuff with spreadsheets and databases.

Seriously though, I like people and games and I’m super excited to be a part of the team.


  • Zurfloo

One of the newest additions to Team Rankstar, Zurfloo is a longtime Legends player! After moving through Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone, he finally settled on Legends due to the extremely generous F2P model and small, yet helpful, community. When not playing or brewing Legends, he can often be found turning creatures sideways in EDH or playing Crusader Kings 2.




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