The Many Faces of Rakano

A lot of people, including me when I first started playing thought only of Rakano as aggro. Sure you had some weapons and inspire cost one at the time, but if you wanted to win with Rakano it was aggro with a Deepforged Plate attached to a Champion of Glory coming in to crush your opponents dreams. I started right when set two (Omens of the Past) came out and with that set it didn’t bring much in the hope of changing Rakano. At that time, you had Pummel for draft/tech on ladder, Reforge for your weapons, Tranquil Scholar if you want to have some RNG, Flamestoker and Spirit Guide for your sideboard in the ETS. Remember when Spirit Guide was a decent sideboard? I miss that card sometimes, especially when facing tokens on ladder . Anyway I’m losing myself in the old, we are here to talk about the new ways of Rakano.

valykries rakano

Rakano Valkyries

As you see from the list above you can still be aggro but now more of a tribal feel if that’s what you’re into. Lukien’s list plays the best Valkyrie in Eternal and I love the inclusion of Sower of Dissent with its Valkyrie ally triggering warcry 2 and making the next thing you warcry from the top of your deck cheaper. Who wouldn’t want a Deepforge Plate costing 3 or even the new promo Lieutenant Relia coming down earlier to wreck some justice? Also worth to note Icaria, Valkyrie Captain being able to ramp some, while also buffing all Valkyries in your hand is some hot stuff. For even more spice, she is even good in the mid to late game being a 4/3 flying endurance unit that thins your deck.

aggro rakano

Rakano Aggro

If tribal is not what you’re looking for and you just want to kill your opponent before he can do anything this rakano list feel like its old aggro self. In this list nothing cost more than 3. Kangbreath’s list is putting the pedal to the medal, with units coming down left and right. You may feel like your hand is going down to non-existentence but don’t worry your opponents life total is doing the same. The deck has tons of warcrys , buffs, a few weapons, and even some warp/exhaust tricks to mess up your opponents math. This deck hits hard and dont worry about the two for ones coming from your opponent (make them have it).

tool rakano

Team Rankstar’s Rakano Mid

This next list comes from our very own Platypus King from TRS! In this list we are not trying to win fast but are instead attempting to play better units with more value on each curve. A lot of must answer cards in the form of Crimson Firemaw, Ammilli Cloudmarshall, Jekk the Bounty Hunter, Icaria the Liberator, and don’t you dare forget about the 1 of Starsteel Dasisho. Each one these cards can be back-breaking in the right moment. You might ask, “But Sifu what happens when I need a specific unit for the situation at hand?” Well young grasshopper thats why we have 4 Rise to the Challenge to complete this tool box list. Dont get me wrong, adding a card like Rise makes playing the deck correctly a lot harder, but with great power comes great responsiblity.

control rakano.png

Fist Control

Last but not least, The Trystero’s decklist, it showcases a take on Rakano that involves all control and weapons. Now most of us know of the dreaded 3 color Armory that we loved to play, or hated to see our opponents playing it. I know personally everytime a new hate card came out to stop us from playing our beloved deck, I waited on pins and needles for the great TonyGeeeee to come up with a new list to squash the problem. But with this Rakano list, we no longer have to play another color. With the power of Molten Fist and Reforge, our weapons are bigger and better than before. Control will have a hard time going trough all these weapons and with all the armor it wont be an easy task for aggro to kill us.

As you can see, Rakano is in a very healthy spot right now and with these lists I hope you guys can come up with some spiciness; whether its drawing inspirations from the mighty Valkyries, the quick and deadly Gunslingers, the molten swords and hammers, I think you can will Rise to the Challenge! Not to mention with set 4 Rakano will get a crest, lets just hope that’s not all the goodies it gets.

Ps. shout out to BlastodermMan! Without you on my stream I would have never found enjoyment from Rakano.

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  1. Apache11109 says:

    Great Article, Danny Boy! Very interesting approach, showing us that Rakano it’s not just an aggro tribe.

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