Theovermaster has been playing TCGs ever since he picked up Magic: The Gathering at the tender age of 8 with a starter deck of 4th Edition. He started playing competitively around the end of Apocalypse / start of Odyssey era, becoming a force in his local scene (Nova Scotia); even winning a few tournaments. He took a hiatus from the game (with a brief resurgence in the Zendikar era) after Mirrodin block, but came back in force in Theros block, where he took the local scene by surprise with many top 8 finishes in PPTQs / GPTs; even winning a Team Sealed event.
Mostly he comes from a background in limited, where he uses this brewer- type mentality to come up with some of the most innovative strategies yet seen in Eternal. Some of the decks you can see Theovermaster with (sometimes at the top of Masters even) are 4F killers, Memory Dredger Killers, 3F Torgov Scream, Revenge Hour, among others too numerous to list. Eternal allows the brewer itch to be scratched with the 75 card deck size limit, and Theovermaster certainly knows how to utilize every single slot to his advantage. Theovermaster is known normally as a deck-builder, but has brushed the edge of the top of the ETS tournament scene with a top 8 finish in an LCQ as well as numerous top 8 misses due to breakers. Currently, in addition to providing Team Rankstar with the latest in tech from the frontier of Eternal’s deck-space, he produces / casts for the Casual Friday tournament series offered from The Great Parliament as well as streams occasionally.


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