My name is Ethan Greenberg, or WaitThisIsntMTG in TES:L, reddit, and other games.

I got my start in card games about 8 years ago, with, you guessed it, Magic: The Gathering. One of my best friends brought it home from college after our freshman year and taught me. I was instantly hooked, and we spent the entire summer inside playing. Eventually, I got very deep into MTG and was a regular Modern format player, doing okay at the local scene. Sadly, about 3 years ago 95% of my valuable collection was stolen, and it entirely demotivated me from Magic.

Shortly after, I started looking for a game to help me scratch the itch I had from no longer being able to play MTG, as I didn’t have thousands of dollars to buy back in. I started with Hearthstone and Solforge, and then proceeded to play almost every single card game around when those fell out of my favor for various reasons. Once I tried TESL, I almost immediately knew it was the game for me. Now, I’m about as hooked on this as I ever was on MTG.

Since then, I got really involved with the Facebook group for TES:L and eventually became one of the admin there. I started seeing lots of newbies with questions for which there was very little content to point them to that would help. Once I saw Team Rankstar, I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to get some new player resources built so they can learn the nuances of a game like this. Thankfully, Aphelion agreed and let me join the content team! 

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