Welcoming Chris VanMeter to Team Rankstar!

As we get closer to the big tournament scene shaking up the Eternal Competitive scene forever, we are super pleased to continue this week of amazing announcements by welcoming Chris VanMeter to Team Rankstar! They will be accompanying the newly appointed Eternal Team Captain, NotoriousGHP, as well as the rest of the team in their journey toward the big spring tournament!

More about them:

With many years of competitive TCG experience, Chris VanMeter is now trying his hand at Eternal under the Team Rankstar flag. When not working at Card Kingdom here in Seattle or competing in Magic: the Gathering tournaments, you can find him in the ranked and draft queues on Eternal trying to learn as much as he can!





My name is Aphelion, and I am the founder and co-owner of Team Rankstar. Originally, Team Rankstar was tossed around as an idea for a Wild Hearthstone and/or Eternal team. As we primarily focused on Eternal initially, we grew to include a plethora of others games, always staying focused on digital collectible card games.

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