Welcoming GlamTroll to Team Rankstar!

Our continued rollout of new high caliber talent starts our week on a very high note! We are very please to announce our newest TESLegends streamer: GlamTroll!

Catch her live on Twitch Sunday-Thursday at 10am PST!

More about her:

Hello everyone, my name is Sabrina and most people know me as GlamTroll on Twitch. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of Team Rankstar!

I have been playing video games since I was very young but my first CCG was Hearthstone a few months after it was released. I played casually for a few years until a friend suggested The Elder Scrolls: Legends this past June 2018. I thought another card game had my heart, but TESL had so much more to offer for me and I’ve been hooked since!

I am currently streaming TESL full time on twitch, to continue to grow my knowledge of the cards and better my strategies. You can catch me live Sunday through Thursday at 10am PST.

I am honored to have the opportunity to be on a team with so many talented players and look forward to tournament testing and helping each other grow!


My name is Aphelion, and I am the founder and co-owner of Team Rankstar. Originally, Team Rankstar was tossed around as an idea for a Wild Hearthstone and/or Eternal team. As we primarily focused on Eternal initially, we grew to include a plethora of others games, always staying focused on digital collectible card games.

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  1. Devildriven says:

    So many great people under the TRS umbrella congrats

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