Welcoming Shank and SzotyMAG to Team Rankstar!

We continue this weeks AMAZING announcements with welcoming Shank and SzotyMAG to Team Rankstar!

Catch Shank’s 24 hour stream tomorrow at https://www.twitch.tv/shank!

SzotyMAG is our new video editor and has already paved the way for our YouTube videos by helping us bring our “Top Cards in TESLegends” series to life.

We are super excited as to what the future holds for these two. Stay tuned for more great projects and announcements very soon!

More about them: 

“Hey there, my name is Shank, I am a content creator and Twitch Partner! I focus on Card Games and mainly on The Elder Scrolls: Legends at the moment.

I predominantly see myself as an Entertainer, trying to build a community and to make people laugh, that is my main goal! I would say I am a variety streamer with a passion for Card Games, because my community and my friends always come first no matter what I stream.

I could not be more happy to join Team Rankstar and I am really excited to see what the future will bring, I can’t wait to work together with a group of people who share my love for Card Games surrounded by some of the finest Content Creators out there!

Got any question or want to know more about me? Just hit me up on my social media or ask me in my stream – I am always more than happy to have a chat!” – Shank

“Fivefold venerations. My name is Bálint and I’m the video editor for Team Rankstar.

I’ve been editing for 1 year now under the name of Hiking Emeric, I also do freelance editing (and other graphics work) and I’m looking forward to working with Team Rankstar. Alright, this is too formal for me.

I like memes, and spend too much effort making them. Now that I work for Team Rankstar I can finally justify my editing skills being put into something that’s useful.

As for my nickname, SzotyMAG, the most common ways to say it is Sotee, Zotee, Shotee, etc… but I won’t tell you the correct way because I got used to the examples above.

I started playing Elder Scrolls: Legends in 2016, when Kripparian made a video about the game, that was the first I’d heard of it. I got into editing about a year later, because nobody on YouTube was making memes of TESL, and I’m in for the memes. This is how Hiking Emeric was born on 1st April 2017. My decision turned out to be a great idea as the community loves my content and it motivated me to continue doing it, as well as continously learning the tricks and techniques of video editing.

My other hobby is 3D modelling (examples on my website, http://www.sbalint.com/), which I sometimes use in the videos I make.

I enjoy creating all kinds of content (except streaming, how can someone talk for hours straight?), and the positive feedback and acknowledgment motivates me to keep doing it. I strive for uniqueness and to make whatever I do to be the best possible.” – SzotyMAG


My name is Aphelion, and I am the founder and co-owner of Team Rankstar. Originally, Team Rankstar was tossed around as an idea for a Wild Hearthstone and/or Eternal team. As we primarily focused on Eternal initially, we grew to include a plethora of others games, always staying focused on digital collectible card games.

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