Monstrum Mash – When in Doubt, Don’t Be Smart

Greetings, fellow Eternal players! It’s that time of the week again for another edition of Monstrum Mash! This week, I want to go over a general rule that I do my best to follow and it has made me a better player and achieve better results. The rule is in the title. When in doubt, don’t be smart!

Now, you’re wondering to yourself, ‘well that rule makes zero sense’. So let me explain. Too often, I made the mistake of trying to be a ‘smart’ player. I wanted to feel smart by playing the meta and go against the grain with unrefined decks or just play a subpar deck because I didn’t just want to play the best deck in the format. Now sure, sometimes your unrefined brew will go out and smash the tournament scene and you come out of the tournament looking like a god. However, that is a result that is highly unlikely. Attempting to be the smartest player in the tournament does not equal quality results or give you the best shot at getting quality results. When there is a best deck in the format. Learn it. Play it. Do your best. Playing the best deck will give you the best shot. It’s simple. You don’t have to prove your greatness by attempting to be smart. Being smart is overrated. If your goal is to win don’t be smart.  

Another facet of this rule is to not play cute. In complicated board states it can be easy to overthink or go a little crazy in the thinking department. Am I saying to not think? No. Am I saying to not overthink? Yes. I know that I sometimes in an attempt to feel/be smart I will go the most complicated route to victory and take a billion unnecessary steps when I should have just taken the simpler and ‘less smart’ route. When I attempt to play too smart it leaves me open to misplay far more frequently than if I did not. Yes, playing around cards is smart but too often we give our opponent too much time and credit by thinking they have everything and you play around everything they could possibly have in their deck. I find this particularly when playing an aggro deck versus a control deck. Sometimes you just have to hope they don’t have it and go for it. If you take too much time to think and over complicate matters it only decreases your chances of winning. I admit you can take this thinking too far the other way and not play smartly when you really should have but it’s a balance. I personally find myself too frequently on the side of playing too smart instead of not smart enough. Outplaying yourself with your own internal mind games or overthinking is a recipe for disaster. Sure you might seem like a genius at times but being ‘too smart’ ends up being more of a weakness than a strength.

This topic hits close to home for me especially when an ECQ is announced and I start to scramble to find the PERFECT deck for the event. I hate to ruin it for everyone but very rarely is there a perfect deck that will have great matchups against every deck. I do my best to brew etc. to come up with a good deck for an event but recently every deck I have tried has led to me doubting in one way or another. Essentially, in this situation I need not to be smart and just do the basics. Don’t overthink. Don’t be cute. Just do my best. If you do your best in preparation, deckbuilding, testing etc. it will lead you to bettering yourself and to the best results that you can achieve. Not everything will go perfectly. You might do awful. That’s a definite possibility. Just don’t end up in a situation where this glorious clip of DJ Khaled is directed at yourself.

I hope this article helps you out in your progress as an Eternal player and if there is a topic, deck, card, idea etc. that you want me to talk about just hit me up on Twitter and let me know!

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