In the previous part of this article, we discussed how Hero Powers are becoming increasingly problematic, and how there seem to be no quick fix to the issue. In this part, we are looking to explore potential solutions to overpowered and undercosted hero powers. Note that the solutions below are only suggestions, and while some might seem more adventurous than others, I personally think they all worth a glance over.

1. Changing base stats/costs:

It could be argued that the stats for these cards are still too good for their effects, it doesn’t feel like a punishment when you draw them (although it should). By making the cards grossly understatted, it would skew the risk-reward scale by a little bit: drawing these cards and having to play them would be much more painful. However, I’d say these changes are the ‘softest’ nerfs to the cards, as it only impacts the game if they are drawn, and of course, doesn’t solve our Hero Power dilemma.

2. Reworking Hero Powers’ effects:

Who said Baku’s hero power have to look like those given to Justicar Trueheart? Hero powers that are deemed problematic can absolutely be remade into more balanced versions of them. For example, summoning a 2/2 Silver Hand Recruit instead of 2 1/1s significantly reduces Paladins’ ability to flood the board, while a 3/1 weapon would not be nearly as powerful for early board control and damage push.

And of course, some of the Death Knights hero power can obviously use a bit of rebalancing. For instance, Bloodreaver Guldan’s hero power represents a 6 HP health swing for only 2 mana, which is crazy considering the instant effect already brought on by its battlecry. By making it only dealing 2 damage, it will seem much more balanced and you won’t feel that threatened to just outright lose in fatigue to a hero power. Similarly, Jaina’s hero power might not necessarily summon a full-sized Water Elemental. Maybe a mini Water Elemental, say, at a stat of 2/5, would be better?

3. Changing hero powers’ cost:

Why do all hero powers (except for passive ones) have to be costed at 2 mana anyways? We have seen from Adventure Bosses that these hero powers can definitely be 3, 4 or even 10 mana! Some hero powers, such as Rexxars’, Malfurions’ or Guldans’, are much less threatening when it takes more mana to use them. If you want to make and play a beast in the same turn and you have to spend 3 mana to use your hero power, the biggest minion you can put down will only be 7! This prevents many crazy combinations from entering play in the same turn, for example, Tundra Rhino and Jungle Panther. It will also set a good antecedent to subsequent hero power designs, with the mindset that hero powers can absolutely be costed at any other points other than 2 mana.

There you have it folks! If you have any other ideas, please let me know in the comments below!

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