Hi, I’m Alessandro but you can call me Al. Like many of my Team Rankstar teammates I’ve been playing card games for many years and have played a lot in that time. My competitive card gaming career started out by travelling to local Yu-Gi-Oh events.

After that, like many, I moved onto Hearthstone. I also dabbled with lots of CCGs that I never went into too competitively including the big dog, MtG. After a few years of playing Hearthstone semi-competitively I moved on to The Elder Scrolls: Legends where I immediately fell in love with the card design and lane mechanics.

I’ve played TESL since Open Beta began two years ago and had a few hiatuses while the TESL competitive scene was lacking, most successfully of which was to play Hand of the Gods where I got top 16 at the world championship. I’m probably best known for casting in the TESL community. For about nine months I provided analysis and commentary for the ESL monthly finals tournaments as well as casting the Champion Series events that lasted for a few months.

In terms of what qualifies me to be part of the Rankstar family, I had most of my tournament success back when the TESL Champion Series ran weekly tournaments with cash prizes where I believe I was the most successful tournament player at the time winning five tournaments and placing highly in many more. Currently, I’m the captain of the TRS Artifact roster where I hope my talented team and I will have many a tournament success.


Gamer Sensei

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